How Telecommuting Can Change Your Life as a Worker

How Telecommuting Can Change Your Life as a Worker

According to 2019’s State of Remote Work, about 30% of US workers telecommute fully, and it’s no surprise why. Not only does technology better allow workers now more than ever to telecommute successfully, but employers and employees alike are seeing the benefits of working from home. Here are a few reasons why telecommuting can be a great option for you as a worker.


Flexible work options

Workers value flexibility more and more now; they’re looking for jobs that allow them to make time for their families or for personal development, or offer better vacation options.

Telecommuting is probably the most flexible work option out there, allowing employees to set their own schedules, for the most part. They can also work from home and take care of their families more easily, or travel/vacation and more from wherever they find themselves.

More work opportunities

Finding a fulfilling job is a top priority for many workers, and telecommuting makes it even easier to achieve this.

Since telecommuters can work from wherever, they can also work for whoever. Telecommuting allows workers to find jobs outside of their immediate area, opening up opportunities that they would otherwise not have access to. If their perfect job is in another state (or another country) — no problem. 

Increased happiness

Working their perfect job, more ability to balance work and life, and skipping lengthy and expensive commutes inevitably make workers happier. Telecommuters are shown to be generally happier in their jobs than in-office workers, which makes them more likely to stay in their position.

Increased productivity

Despite what one might imagine, telecommuters are actually more productive than their in-office counterparts. Research showed that they tended to take shorter breaks, working longer when they did work, versus office workers who fulfill their obligated hours. An Airtasker study showed that telecommuters “worked 1.4 more days every month, or 16.8 more days every year” than office workers. 


As an added bonus, telecommuting is eco-friendly. Not only does it reduce carbon emissions by cutting down on the amount of workers that are taking cars, trains, and buses to work, but it saves on printing and electricity as well. Telecommuters can enjoy the benefits to the environment as well as to their own lives, increasing their happiness and fulfillment.


There are many options to explore as a hopeful telecommuter. More and more companies are allowing telecommuting, and many are even fully remote. Join the more than 26 million Americans who work remotely and enjoy the many benefits.