How To Train Hiring Managers to Interview

How To Train Hiring Managers to Interview

iring managers do some of the most important work in a company: deciding who will join your team. But hiring managers are often not trained in how to actually perform an interview. Interviews are such a vital part of the employee selection process, that it’s worth putting in the training to make them master interviewers.


Here are the steps you should take to train your hiring managers in interviewing skills.

5 Steps To Become Better Interviewers

Have a full understanding beforehand

Before your hiring manager interviews a potential candidate, there are several things they should know. They should, first and foremost, understand the goals of the company. What kind of people do you want to hire? They should also understand the impact of hiring: how much it costs and what will unfold after hiring them? And finally, they should understand the actual job description — not just the version told to the candidate, but the deeper understanding that management often has, including their vision for the role.

Interview training

Next, your hiring manager should undergo formal interview training to learn how to interview properly. They should learn about body language and how to interpret it, as well as about bias. Learning to be self-aware and overcome any biases will be key to the interview process. After these, it’s practice, practice, practice: doing mock interviews will be some of the best preparation they can do.

Create a process

Next, create a process that your hiring managers should follow. Having a written-down process will keep the goals in their mind and direct their interviews properly. Creating a scorecard or measurement system will also help keep hiring managers organized and focused on the outcome you need.

Interview prep checklist

Give your hiring managers a list of action items they must check off before an interview. This can include:

  • Can I answer questions about benefits, salaries, company values, and mission?
  • Have I read their resume and/or other evaluation?
  • Do I understand the job description?
  • Do I have a list of questions to ask/scorecard to use?

Provide scripted questions and follow-up questions

Often hiring managers don’t know the kinds of questions you need to ask to get the responses you need from a candidate. These go beyond experience and skills and are more about behavior and attitude. Giving them scripted questions will help them as they develop their skills in this area and become better at asking “behavioral” questions and following up on them.


Hiring managers need to be trained in interviewing for the interview process to be a success. Putting some structure and training into their interview process will help them become better interviewers, and give you better candidates and teammates for your company.