Recruitment Process

Initial Consultation

Commodore Partners works with you to set specific goals and expectations, helping you to define the position and establish criteria for the qualities of a successful candidate.

Engagement (Thought Partner)

Through a partnership approach, Commodore Partners works with you to gain a deep understanding of your recruitment goals and expectations. Using detailed criteria, we ascertain your company culture to ensure we send only the most targeted candidates who meet your needs.

Search Strategy

Commodore Partners conducts individualized searches based on a strategy tailored to your criteria. Customarily, we review similar companies within your industry, consult our network, and reach out to contacts within the industry for targeted leads.

Selection & Presentation

Based upon years of experience and a proven methodology, we narrow down the candidates to those who best fit your criteria. Our detailed vetting process ensures we provide you only the best candidates - saving you internal processing time. Our partnership approach enables us to match your desired skill set and simultaneously assess candidates who possess the characteristics that best fit your team culture.

Interviews and Scheduling

Commodore Partners manages the scheduling process for interviews. We then work with both parties to assess mutual interest and potential success of a placement.


Commodore Partners offers industry knowledge, based on market data, of all levels of compensation. We provide guidance during the negotiation and offer stages.